Now that you've selected magical Santa Fe, as the memorable wedding location, what's next? Soiree extends a range of services...

- Are you just in the beginning planning stages, and need assistance with every last detail? Soiree's Extensive Services may interest you.

- Have you planned most of the wedding, however, need someone experienced and knowledgeable to put all the pieces together?
Soiree's Individualized Services enable you to customize your services.

- Is the entire wedding planned to a 'T', and you would like someone other than yourself, friends and family to organize and coordinate the rehearsal and wedding day? Soiree's Day of Services allows everyone to enjoy your beautiful wedding day.

Soiree's services are priced at a set fee, not a percentage.
This allows the client to stay within in their budget
knowing what the planning costs are from the start.

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